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Our policy on cookies

Like many other websites, www.bormiolipharmadocs.com (also simply the “Site” hereinafter), may storeinformation or retrieve it from the browser, especially in the form ofcookies. Such items of information relate to users, to their preferences orto the Internet access device (computer, tablet, mobile phone) and are usedmainly to tailor the operation of the Site to meet the expectations of theuser, offering a more personalized browsing experience and memorizingchoices made during previous visits.

The following sections explain more about the different ways cookies areused. It is possible to prevent certain cookies or even all cookies frombeing saved, if so desired. In this case, however, the Site and theservices it offers may not function as expected.

Technical cookies

These cookies enable browsing functions or allow the provision of a serviceto the user. Included in this category are cookies for automaticrecognition of the language used by the visitor, those designed tofacilitate purchases made on line, or those by which home bankingprocedures such as ordering money transfers are rendered less complex andmore secure.

Technical cookies provide the user with an optimum and fast browsingexperience on the Site, and efficient use of the services and/or thevarious options it offers, such as, for instance, making a purchase orsubmitting credentials required for access to reserved areas. Cookies ofthis type are needed in order to maximize the usefulness of the Site, butthey can still be deactivated.

Analytics cookies

These cookies are used by site administrators to gather bulk information ofa mainly statistical nature (e.g. number of visitors accessing the website,most popular articles, time spent browsing individual web pages). Analyticscookies allow administrators to monitor the use of the Site by visitors,for the purposes of optimizing its features and content. They enable theintroduction of improvements to the Site, facilitating user access andstatistical analysis. Cookies of this type play no part in maximizing theusefulness of the Site, and accordingly, they can be deactivated.

Third party cookies

These cookies are deposited in the device of the user by the operators ofthird party websites, with this Site providing the path. Third partycookies, which are used predominantly for the purposes of analysis, derivemainly from Google Analytics functionalities. More information on GoogleAnalytics can be found by clicking this link: http://www.google.it/intl/it/analytics .

Refusal to accept cookies

Users who are worried about the use of cookies can take steps to disallowtheir installation, for example by changing the configuration of thebrowser to block certain types.

For detailed information on the requisite procedure, the browser help pagescan be consulted. For an overview of the most commonly used browsers, visit http://www.cookiepedia.co.uk/index.php?title=How_to_Manage_Cookies or http://www.aboutcookies.org/.

Advertising companies allow the user to block the reception of targetedmessages, if so desired. This does not prevent cookies from beingdeposited, but interrupts their use and disallows the collection of certainitems of data by advertisers. For more information and guidance on privacysettings, visit http://www.youronlinechoices.eu/Data can be processed using IT, hard copy, digital, electronic and magneticmedia. Collected data will be stored and safeguarded on the premises ofBormioli Pharma S.r.l. at Viale Martiri della Libertà, 1, Fidenza (Parma).

Collected data will be processed exclusively for the purposes stated aboveand can be communicated to subsidiary, parent, affiliate or other companiesconnected to Bormioli Pharma in any way, in Italy or abroad, solely for themanagement of benefits assigned to Bormioli customers.

In compliance with required minimum security measures, your data can alsobe communicated to law enforcement agencies and other public and privateentities to ensure the fulfilment of statutory obligations concerning tax,administrative, financial and similar matters. On no account will data bedisclosed to third parties.

Your personal data will be stored for a period of time no longer than isrequired to accomplish the purposes for which it was processed.

Pursuant to article 15 of the Regulation, you can exercise your rights ofaccess at any time by contacting the Controller of data processing,obtaining confirmation as to the existence of your personal data andrequesting communication of the details in intelligible form. Furthermore,you will be entitled to request that your personal data be updated,amended, augmented or deleted, or that the scope of processing be limited.

Lastly, you will be entitled to oppose the processing of your personal dataentirely or in part, for justifiable reasons, even though pertinent to thepurpose of collection, likewise the mailing of advertising or direct salesmaterial, or market research questionnaires or commercial literature, bycontacting the Controller of data processing, who, on request, will alsoprovide a full and updated list of persons or entities entrusted with theprocessing of your data.

Your statutory rights also include lodging complaints with the Italian DataProtection Authority.

The Controller of Data Processing is Bormioli Pharma S.r.l. with registered office at Via CorsoMagenta 84, 20123 Milan (MI) and administrative headquarters at VialeMartiri della Libertà, 1, 43036, Fidenza (Parma).